Dems Construction is a construction company founded in 2020 by Süleyman Can, an industry expert with 25 years of experience. It has successfully implemented several large projects in Northern Cyprus. With an innovative approach, our company is committed to using modern and technologically advanced architecture in every project.
The Gran Sasso Shopping Center is located between the Gran Sasso and the Laga mountains and is the perfect place to spend a day with the family. It offers a wide range of opportunities, such as shopping, groceries, relaxation and entertainment, all within a spacious gallery. You can find over 80 shops,
Our agency has a great knowledge of the mechanisms and variations in the real estate sector of the city of Teramo. We operate comprehensively throughout the territory and have had a stable presence on the Teramo market for more than twenty years. Our main goal is to provide a high quality and timely real estate service.
Openjobmetis S.p.A. is an employment agency that has been operating in the Italian market for more than 20 years. Its main activity concerns the administration, research, redeployment and training of personnel.
Amadori is an Italian company that has been operating in the food sector for more than 50 years. It is made up of several companies that work together to offer a large selection of protein-rich specialty foods every day.
The Housing Care association promotes housing models focused on well-being, guaranteeing safety standards, including seismic safety. In addition to housing and shared spaces, it also provides health care. The homes are equipped with advanced technologies and support high-precision services for personal care, such as telemedicine.


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