After a period of forced interruption, due to the pandemic and after having recovered two editions of the tournament, the 48th and 49th respectively, with the holding of two tournaments in reduced form with the participation of Italian teams, the Interamnia World Cup is preparing to face its 50th anniversary in 2023 strong and proud of its experience, which has given it great fame in the international field and with extraordinary ideas for a worthy celebration of the important anniversary and for its definitive consecration.

The relaunch

The relaunch of the sports event is based on a very ambitious programme, which envisages a series of interesting and original international initiatives, both in the sports and socio-cultural fields, which contribute to overcoming the remarkable records achieved in the past.

Il Comitato organizzatore

For the organization of the fiftieth anniversary, the expert organization of the Interamnia World Cup Association has been joined by a new body, the Organizing Committee.
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The world in one city

The Interamnia Cup, since its foundation in 1973, has managed to combine the purely sporting aspects with the cultural and social ones, giving life to a joyful happening in which teams from all over the world meet every year in a small provincial town Italian, in a melting pot of languages, colours, traditions and religions.
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Interamnia Oneflag

From the outset, the Organizing Committee wanted to give a strong thematic imprint to the event that could somehow encompass all the values that have represented the Interamnia Cup over the years, namely: Internationality, Inclusion, Sociality, Sustainability and Innovation.
This is how INTERAMNIA ONEFLAG was born.
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