Interamnia Oneflag

From the outset, the Organizing Committee wanted to give a strong thematic imprint to the event that could somehow encompass all the values that have represented the Interamnia Cup over the years, namely: Internationality, Inclusion, Sociality, Sustainability and Innovation.

This is how INTERAMNIA ONEFLAG was born.

A theme born as a summation of the values expressed in recent years by the Cup, which is in some way generator of a dream from which a single flag can be born that can represent the peoples of all the nations of the world.

Never as in this moment is there a need for all men to feel part of the same reality! The flag is that immediate, simple symbol that without too many words brings us together under the same roof of values.

The main theme will be combined with a project for young people that will involve athletes from the participating nations, school children from the region, artists from various areas of Italy and the city and even citizens who want to feel part of the "ONEFLAG" project.

A contest that testifies through the network the process of creating a common flag under which to recognize ourselves. Not politically, not to divide, but on the contrary to feel closer to everyone.

The result of this great worldwide artistic operation will provide the organization with the graphic motif of the event, coloring the most suggestive corners of the city and the various points of interest. But above all it will find its celebration in the characteristic inaugural parade of the competition where all the participating athletes will parade through the city center.

All this will serve to convey the #oneflag theme so that it pervades all the initiatives and events that will enliven the event.

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