The World in a City

The Interamnia Cup, since its foundation in 1973, has managed to combine the purely sporting aspects with the cultural and social ones, giving life to a joyful happening in which teams from all over the world meet every year in a small provincial town Italian, in a melting pot of languages, colours, traditions and religions. A perfectly successful laboratory of coexistence and solidarity between different peoples, sometimes distant for geopolitical reasons, if not actually in conflict with each other, but who, united under the banner of sport, put their differences aside to embrace each other in a big embrace of friendship and peace. Over the years, teams from Lebanon and Israel, Iran and Iraq, Bosnia and Serbia, China and Taiwan have faced each other on the field.

Thanks to the results obtained by Interamnia in terms of international relations and the diffusion of a culture of solidarity, in 1989 Teramo obtained the recognition from Unicef of "City open to the world". Also for the fiftieth anniversary edition, the Interamnia World Cup plans to host representatives of opposing nations in war or political conflicts: the main objective is to bring Ukrainian and Russian athletes to Teramo to launch a disruptive message to the world of peace through sporting confrontation, in which to recognize in the other not an enemy but an adversary of equal value and dignity.

The multicultural guise of Interamnia translates into the "Teramo city open to the world" event, which consists of a cultural tribute to the five continents represented by the teams participating in the Interamnia World Cup. The city will be ideally and visually divided into five sectors distinguished by five different colors for each of the five continents (orange, green, red, blue, light blue). In each of these areas pavilions inspired by the host nations will be set up in which artistic and photographic exhibitions, gastronomic meetings, handicraft exhibitions, music, dance, cinema, theatre, fashion and folklore shows inspired by the host nations will be organised.

Furthermore, each pavilion will host a virtual show capable of summarizing the culture of the single continent, recalling its natural, cultural and mental landscape. All cultural activities will be declined in the themes of internationality, inclusion, sociality, sustainability and innovation.

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